For Cosmetic product development good color measurement instruments are invaluable. Used for R&D, Quality Control or Claim proof, getting accurate data fast is important.

We are happy to advice you how color measurement can help you in the Cosmetics Industry with the development, improvement of hair dyes, lipsticks, nail polish and other personal care and beauty products.

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Mach5+ instrument

MACH5 dicht_250

The Mach5+ is a multi spectral imaging instrument. It scans a large area and gives you industry standard L*,a*,b* and X,Y,Z data of your products.

Click this link to see the Mach5+ product page for more details.

X9 online spectrophotometer

The X9 is an online spectrophotometer. It measures your production continue and gives you %Reflection, L*,a*,b* or X,Y,Z color data every 1 second.

Click this link to see the X9 product page for more details.