Color is an important parameter for food, used both for Quality Control as for Research R&D. We offer various industrial color measurement instruments to help you. From multispectral desktop instruments to online spectrophotometers. Some benefits:

  • Speed up your R&D with the Mach5+ multi spectral imaging instrument.
  • Get continues color feedback from our online X9 spectrophotometer to control your production process. And keep your customers happy
  • Improve your Quality Control by measuring your products in our multi spectral imaging instruments.

The Color of fried potato chips

French fries, one culture likes them light the other darker. Many industries have their own color standards, the USDA has one for French fries.
The color of your French fry comes from the potato used, physical differences, types of fat used, areas of production, and the frying process.
These values are important to buyers because certain markets and certain important customers have strong preferences as to the lightness or darkness of the brown coloring.

The Mach5+ is an invaluable instrument that can give you spectral color data, for research and Quality Control.
With the Mach5+ you can measure irregular areas, get spectral data from multiple areas in 1 image at the same time without touching your product.

The Color of Macaroons

A demonstration of Food color measurement (Macaroons) with the Mach5+ and its software.

Mach5+ instrument

MACH5 dicht_250

The Mach5+ is a multi spectral imaging instrument. It scans a large area and gives you industry standard L*,a*,b* and X,Y,Z data of your products.

Click this link to see the Mach5+ product page for more details.

X9 online spectrophotometer

The X9 is an online spectrophotometer. It measures your production continue and gives you %Reflection, L*,a*,b* or X,Y,Z color data every 1 second.

Click this link to see the X9 product page for more details.

We are happy to advice you how color measurement can help you in the Food Industry.

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