Mach5+ colour instrument

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MACH5_dicht_-250For accurate colour measurement with hyperspectral imaging technology.

Product description

The Mach5+ is a laboratory camera-based multispectral color measurement instrument. It can measure multiple areas and multiple colors in one scan of any object placed in the drawer of the instrument.
The Mach5+ instrument can, like a spectrophotometer measure colour accurately but also has the advantages of a camera.



Compared to spectrophotometer:

  • The Mach5+ can measure multiple locations, large or small.
  • With the Mach5+ people can work faster than with a spectrophotometer.
  • The Mach5+ can measure various colours at the same time.Mach5 spectral data
  • The Mach5+ can give information about the area, eg. standard deviation of the colour in that area.
  • The Mach5+ is very easy to use.
  • The Mach5+ can be customized to a specific industry.
  • The Mach5+ can read barcodes to identify products.
  • The Mach5+ can store images to review later in case of a dispute.

Like a spectrophotometer:

  • The Mach5+ gives you accurate colour values in L*,a*b* and X,Y, Z (or your colour model on request).
  • The Mach5+ gives you %Reflection data between 400nm and 700nm in 10nm intervals.
  • The Mach5+ is easy to calibrate


The Mach5+ can be used in any industry where colour is important as a product enhancer or as a process control indicator.
Like: Food, paper, plastics, textile, paint, detergent, packaging, tobacco, ceramics, building materials, pharmaceutical, and more…

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-Guarantee your customers a high and constant colour quality.-Work faster by measuring multiple areas in one scan.
-All measured data, including a product image, is saved on the pc for retrieval later.
-No more human errors during visual inspection.


Below a video that shows how the Mach5+ is used to measure a 96 well microplate, for a more detailed explanation see the post ../news/measure-microplates-with-the-mach5/

A Mach5 demonstration video can be watched online, ask us for a link.
Please contact us for more information or ask us for a quote.


Article in Inform –

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