Free checklist, before you buy a new spectrophotometer

29 Nov
Before you buy a new spectrophotometer, download this free checklist. Buying a new color measurement instrument, or spectrophotometer can be a complex task. Many factors come into play. Of which the simplest perhaps are the price, warranty and delivery time.

But what about mat vs gloss objects? And what spectral range do I need? Do I need UV and/or infra red (IR) or is the standard visual spectrum enough? Do I need Transmission or Reflection, or both? And would a hand held instrument be easier but what trade offs does that have? And many, many more questions and answers are addressed in this free checklist.

With 20+ years experience in the color measurement industry we wrote an easy to read checklist that you can use to ask the right questions beforehand in order to make a solid, well informed decision so you don’t end up with a bad deal.

If you still have question after going through this list, feel free to contact us.

Download this handy free checklist.

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Free checklist, before you buy a new spectrophotometer