New 6 channel, online color measurement instrument validation tool

14 Jun

It’s good to verify if your measurement instruments works correctly. For this, standards are used with known values. The instrument measures this known standard and if it’s still working correct, its output will prove that. For instance, if you put a 1Kg weight on a scale you would like the scale to tell you it’s a 1000 grams.

For one of our customers in the food industry, Colour Consult created a new validation tool. A robust case with grey standard, bundled with software and communication module.


Check color instument work case for Field Service Engineer

Check color instument work case for Field Service Engineer

The customer uses a 6 channel, tri-stimulus color measurement instrument. This OEM module is build into the customers in-line food processing machines and is used for colour separation.

In order for field service engineers to quickly check if the online color measurement instrument is still working within specifications, 6 grey blocks are placed at the measurement positions. The accompanying software shows the field service engineer if all 6 channels of the in-line colour measurement module are working correct. If not, the engineer can clean, adjust or replace parts depending on the measurement results.

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