New color check plate for Mach5 multi spectral imaging instrument

22 May

For its Mach5 multispectral imaging system, Colour Consult released a new color check plate.
The plate holds 24 ceramic tiles of various colors and is made of high quality material and can easily be placed in the Mach5.

colour check plate

colour check plate

Ceramic tiles don’t change color due to aging so the plate can be used weekly or monthly to see if the instrument operates within specifications or need calibration.
The Mach5 can measure the new color check plate in one measurement and by placing one area over each ceramic tile gives the user 24 L*,a*,b* color values.
By storing the 24 color values, the instrument software can track changes over time to alert the user when a calibration is due and guarantees the user of optimal functionality.
The Mach5 measures industry standard L*,a*,b* and X,Y,Z values of any area in the image and saves up to 50% time compared to traditional spectrophotometers.

For more information, please contact or visit or a direct link to the Mach5