The new Mach5+

12 Apr

After more than a year of R&D we are happy to introduce the Mach5+ an easy to use camera based color measurement instrument with spectrophotometer accuracy.

Build on our existing Mach5 instrument we created the Mach5+ which has improved accuracy, gloss reduction and can give you reflection curves (%R) in 10nm intervals between 400nm and 700nm. You can measure the color of any area you like.

It will be possible to update existing Mach5 instruments.

Gloss reduction

The Mach5+ makes it easier to measure glossy objects due to its new gloss reduction technology. Below an example of some glossy items. On the left the Mach5 on the right the Mach5+

showing an image from both the Mach5 and the Mach5+

Various glossy Parts Mach5 vs Mach5+


Mach5 vs Mach5+ gloss compare 2


%R refelction curves

The new Mach5+ technology can give you %R reflection curves for any area you like in 10nm intervals between 400nm and 700nm. From %R reflection data X,Y,Z and L*,a*,b* data can be generated. Below a few %R charts were samples were measured with both a spectrophotometer and the Mach5+

Mach5+ %R compare

Mach5+ vs spectro %R charts compared


The Mach5+ will be available for sale in Q4 2019-04-12, for more information please contact us via our Contact form or email/call us.