Free A1 poster of L*,a*,b* color space.

13 Jul
Would you like to color up your lab?
Are you involved in color measurement and/or quality control?
Send me an email, with your shipping address and tell us how you use color measurement in your work/market or fill out the fields on the right and we contact you for details.
We ship this A1 poster of L*,a*,b* color space for free worldwide to those who qualify (1 per person).
This poster comes with 2 plastic strips for easy mounting

The A1 size measures 59.4 x 84.1cm, or 23.39 x 33.11 inches
The L*,a*,b* colour model is still the most popular model used by professionals in color quality control or R&D. The poster is a great learning tool to explain new colleagues the basics of the L*,a*,b* model.

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A1 size poster of L*,a*,b* colour space.


This L*,a*,b* colour model poster is shipped with 2 handy plastic strips for easy mounting the top & bottom.