Mach5 round robin test

20 Oct

It’s important to know the variation within various instruments. This in case you want to replace an instrument by a new one or compare data measured at different locations or communicate about color. Also for Quality Control (QC) its important that you get the same results.

In order to test this, last summer, together with CFT we did a  so called round robin or ring test. We visited 6 of our customers who own a  our Mach5 instrument and did a day long test at each facility.We measured over 800 samples at each Mach5 and for comparison reason with the spectro of the customer.

For this Round robin test we choose to use a wash test which is used in the laundry industry to improve detergent formulas. Four different detergents were washed with 20 samples each (so called soiled stains). For statistical reason 8 repetitions were used.

To keep this as objective as possible the standard mathematical calculation from the A.I.S.E. was used to show the result. (A.I.S.E. is the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products.)

Below a very short version of the results. Simply put, as a minimum you would like to see which of the 4 detergents tested is the best, and which the worst and in what order and the variation between them. You would like to see the same results between the various Mach5 instruments and also between Mach5 colour measurement instruments and for instance spectrophotometers.

In the image below the results of the A.I.S.E calculation. The  top row shows the results of

the 6 Mach5 instruments (A to F) Below that the results of the 6 spectro’s of the customers. The 4 detergents used in this test are coded B,LF,D and LL

We can conclude that the 6 Mach5 show the same result and also the same result as the various spectro’s.

Apart from measurement result it is interesting to state that the variation between the various spectrophotometers was higher than the 6 mach5 instruments and that measurement time with the Mach5 was (depending on spectro used) between 2 to 3 times faster than using a traditional spectrophotometer, saving the user a lot of time.

It was an interesting test and we learned a lot from it.

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Mach5 round robin A.I.S.E results

Mach5 round robin A.I.S.E results