May 20

How to measure Microplates with the Mach5+

The Mach5+ is a top of the line measurement device with many special features; it can measure 96 individual wells...

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showing an image from both the Mach5 and the Mach5+


Apr 19

The new Mach5+

After more than a year of R&D we are happy to introduce the Mach5+ an easy to use camera based...

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May 18

Preform colour control

In the last years preform and cap color quality control have made big steps. Large multinationals in the food, beverage...

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Oct 17

Mach5 round robin test

It’s important to know the variation within various instruments. This in case you want to replace an instrument by a...

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Jul 17

Free A1 poster of L*,a*,b* color space.

Would you like to color up your lab? Are you involved in color measurement and/or quality control? Send me an...

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Jun 17

Started the round robin/ring test for Mach5 instruments.

We started a so called Round Robin test for our Mach5 instrument. We’ll visit 6 of our customers and measure...

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Sep 16

Color Measurement Made Easy (article)

Abstract A new, camera based color measurement technology combines the best of two worlds, object assessment and accurate color measurement. Measuring...

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Jun 16

New 6 channel, online color measurement instrument validation tool

It’s good to verify if your measurement instruments works correctly. For this, standards are used with known values. The instrument measures...

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Jun 16

X9 online spectrophotometer on trade show “Vision & Robotics”

ColourConsult X9 spectrophotometer on trade show vision and robotics.

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May 16

New color check plate for Mach5 multi spectral imaging instrument

For its Mach5 multispectral imaging system, Colour Consult released a new color check plate. The plate holds 24 ceramic tiles...

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